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Q: My knees frequently ache when ascending or descending stairs. I notice it’s worse when it’s rainy outside. What causes this? Are there any remedies?

A: There is very little research that has been done to truly find the reason for this common complaint (increased joint pain with weather changes). The most widely held theory is that the change in barometric pressure affects the pressure inside the connective tissue capsules that surround our joints. But, there are a lot of problems with this theory and the little research that’s been done does not conclusively show that this occurs. It would probably be a good idea to consult an orthopedist about possible options and ask if a trial of physical therapy would be indicated.
Q: If I eat all “low fat” and “fat free” foods will I lose weight for sure?

In short, no. It is now a widely known fact that the consumption of excess carbohydrates is one of the quickest ways to gain weight and the Atkins Diet (and Zone Diet) are proof of that fact.
In fact, many low fat and fat free foods have so many excess carbohydrates (to replace the missing fat) that they can make you gain extraordinary amounts of weight by eating them too often or in too great of a quantity. Eating low fat is always a good idea compared to stuffing yourself with high fat foods, but relying on nothing but low fat foods will not solve your problems to weight loss because it takes a careful balance between fat and carbohydrates (and exercise) to begin losing weight at the fastest rate.

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Studio Hours: Open six days a week, by appointment only

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